Electrostatic Air Cleaner

electrostatic air cleaner




Electrostatic precipitators are highly efficient air filtration devices that minimally impede the flow of gases through the device, thereby easily removing fine particulate matter from the air stream.

As air is pulled into the device, it first passes through a metal mesh pre-filter that traps large dust particles. The rest of the gas stream - still filled with tiny oil, fat, grease & smoke particles, is then drawn into an electrical field between a set of ionizing wires and equally-spaced metal plates.

In this electrical field, the fine particulate matter is charged and flows to the second set of parallel grounded plates, where it is collected and forms layers. These layers of contaminants are held on the plates because of the electrostatic pressure but can be washed away later during general cleaning and maintenance.






  • Removes up to 98% of commercial kitchen exhaust

Grease and smoke particles in the duct

AOM EAN Electrostatic Precipitators are high-efficiency air filtration devices which are certified by the University of Sydney to remove up to 98% of commercial cooking grease and smoke particles

  • Proven technology for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration

Electrostatic precipitators are widely used internationally to treat commercial kitchen exhaust

Made of materials compliant to AS 1530, they fully meet the requirements of AS1668.2-2012 and allow for the design of non-compliant discharge points.

  • Durable design and low maintenance

The EAN-units are engineered to operate for the long hour heavy duty cooking environment and require comparatively minimal service maintenance for the high-level filtration efficiency that they achieve.

  • The solution for limited space in the duct

The arrangement of AOM EAN Electrostatic Precipitator units is flexible. They can be stacked or be placed side by side in a double pass formation to achieve even higher filtration efficiencies if required.

  • Features

The AOM EAN Electrostatic Precipitators come equipped with pre-filter, electrostatic cells and BMS connection points. The units can be coupled either with AOM Ozone Generators or Carbon Modules to ensure odour mitigation in the exhaust.


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