Fresh Air System

Kitchen Fresh Air Installation
When air is taken from your kitchen exhaust system it must be replaced by clean, fresh air in order for your kitchen to stay in top shape. This is where make-up air becomes so important. Make-up air is outside air that is brought into a restaurant through the ventilation system. Having a source of make-up air that delivers clean outdoor air consistently is the best way to ensure your ventilation is providing you with the best possible results. An establishment that does not have enough make-up air being delivered will develop negative pressure. Having negative pressure in your establishment can significantly lower the performance of your kitchen exhaust system and cause uncomfortable conditions for both employees and customers.
Some signs of an establishment not having enough make-up air provided:
1. The building has temperature changes that can be felt when moving from one area to another.
2. Doors leading to the exterior will slam shut when left open.
3. Ventilation systems do not perform at as high a level as expected.
4. Cold air can be felt coming in through any cracks or other openings.
Making sure your restaurant has an adequate supply of make-up air is an integral part of creating an environment everyone can enjoy. If you feel your ventilation may not be performing as well as it should call YEK Engineering today.


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