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About Yek

We are your One-Stop Commercial Kitchen Resource!
Yeo Eng Koon (S) Pte Ltd started as a LPG distributor 50 years ago

Beginning as a supplier of LPG to Singapore’s F&B industry, we have over the years enlarged our business scope to deliver a comprehensive offering of commercial kitchen solutions, both in Singapore and the region. With our customers mainly from the F&B industry, we saw the need to value-add to our existing gas supply business. Hence, in the one-stop kitchen resource concept was hatched to facilitate customers in their kitchen renovations and equipment needs.

One Stop Kitchen Resources

We offer customers a cost-effective and time-saving solution through the products and services that we provide. Our rich experience in the F&B Industry has enabled us to understand intimately the needs and challenges of restaurants, central kitchens, casual eateries,bakeries and cafes, particularly in the area of kitchen operations. We are therefore well-equipped to partner F&B companies on their business growth journeys,whether it is through our kitchen consultancy, workflow design, equipment selection, construction or maintenance service.

Customers looking to renovate their kitchen or replace their kitchen equipment can consult our professionally trained sales team on kitchen layout, kitchen equipment , kitchen exhaust system, fire suppression system and gas supply. Customers can enjoy a hassle-free kitchen make-over experience by entrusting the coordination to us.

We believe that optimal kitchen-to-table time and operational cost savings can be achieved through a well designed kitchen which is both effective and efficient. And we have the expertise to do just that. As a result,our clients can have the confidence, and also the time freed up, to focus on creating the best dining experience for their customers.

YEK Core Value
2017 Environmental Sustainability

2017 our company goal is to raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability. The company is aiming towards a new direction with Energy-efficient equipment and mechanical ventilation system which saves your operation costs and global warming. When it comes to going green, small changes make a big difference.

We only have one planet, so let’s take good care of it!