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Automatic Lifting Fryer

Automatic Lifting Fryer

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Model No. Power Source (W X D X H) Dimension (mm) Capital (L)
PGF-L33 585 x 1076 x 770 33
Pre Heating 10 Minutes! Excellent Temperature Recovery 

Metal Fibre Burner which is one of 10 cutting edge technology listed in Korea prove its excellent energy efficiency: 10 minutes for pre-heating, 3 minutes to recover temperature when putting 2 chicken.

Environment Friendly

Low Amount of harmful gases Air : Gas = 1.1- is full combustible at 1:1 ratio at all times Enforcing to inject pre-mixed air & gas (1:1) Low Emission Temperature 3 PATH enforced combustion gas emission Surface Temp : 2,372 F Emitting Temp : 482 F Combustion Efficiency : 90+% Emitting very low amount of hazardous gases

Digital Controlling System

MICOM controlling system manage set temperature and recover temperature automatically. Digital direct ignition system ensures the safety. And 2 cooking timers are included.

Pay Less Utility Bill Save Up To 30%

High energy efficiency burner maximizes the combustion rate to lower utility bill payment. (Energy consumption rate drops down to 71.4% compared to normal burner fryer)

Automatic Safety Device

For safe use, automatic shutoff system when over heated or flameless alerts on the display.

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